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Florence Guides

When you go travelling to a city with the artistic intensity like Florence, it can be advisable to hire at least one guided tour in the city. The city has such a concentration of palaces, churches, works of art, writings and, even, gardens, that a local guide can make way through the intricacies of this impressive city, the origin of the wrongly-labelled Stendhal Syndrome (faintings produced by the accumulation of beauty). The guides that I´m putting forward (here are all the details on the right-hand column) are native from Florence, graduated in art and also have their local license to do this job. With care and passion, they´ll make the traveller enter all the intricacies of the City of the Arno. They have various itineraries for all tastes, capacities and pockets, and you can ask questions and make reservations on the internet.


Even if you´re a demanding traveller, one of those who likes to discover a city by their own means, a guided tour can give you a different view of the city. The advice is simple: with the flight tickets, apartments in Florence and the tables at the restaurants, also book a guided tour. If you do so, we´d like to know your thoughts on the trip and the service. Use the comments box.