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App of the Month: TravelSafe Pro

The application that I’m recommending this month is TravelSafe Pro, which is like an international off-line database that’s perfect to bring along in any bag. And when you need to travel abroad at the last minute and something unexpected happens, you’ll see how useful it can be when you need to quickly access the phone numbers and addresses of the embassy and consulates in any country or the numbers for police, the fire station, and the emergency hotline. You never know what might happen. If there’s an app that can really help you out in a time of need, and perhaps even save lives, it’s TravelSafe Pro.


A trip begins way before the actual day of departure. Whatever your destination, you will have to get ready for it. Not only the route and accommodations need your attention, you also need to prepare for what to do in an emergency. Traveling abroad with TravelSafe Pro guarantees you’ll have the right information.

Of course, as you know, the information offered by this application can be found on the internet thanks to Google, but the good thing about this app is that you don’t need an internet connection. The information will already been downloaded on your phone. You only need to select the country of origin and your destination. TravelSafe Pro also gives users the option to call directly from the app, so that you don’t need to waste a single minute in an emergency situation.

There are definitely times when one needs to act quickly, and having an emergency while traveling abroad can be especially stressful. Imagine you trip while hiking in the Amazon and break your ankle. With the Pro App TravelSafe you can find the nearest city and call the hospital directly. Or even worse: imagine your ID and passport are stolen in Manhattan. In this case (thanks to this application) you can easily call the New York City police and then get in touch with your embassy to get a new passport made. Of course, your mobile phone is especially handy to have in emergencies and it’s something you usually have with you. It can be a useful tool while traveling.

This travel application will ensure your safety worldwide. It could be a really life saver. It’s exciting to travel and seek adventure, but it’s best to do it in a responsible way.

TravelSafe Pro will accompany you as a sort of mobile first aid kit to help you in times of trouble, panic or confusion. You will feel more at ease and protected when you use it.

TravelSafe is available on both Apple and Android. Now there’s no excuse not to be prepared.