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Aqua Multiespacio

Aqua Multiespacio is a very big and well known shopping centre in the city of Valencia where one can go and spend a whole day if they so wish, because they have options for all tastes, genres and timetables.


When the day isn´t sunny or the rain tired you out a bit, you can spend a day shopping and recharge batteries so you can spend the next day touring around the Spanish city.


In Aqua Multiespacio one can find all the clothes shops that he can imagine, from the most famous and expensive brands to the national and more affordable shops. But it´s not all clothes and fashion in this shopping centre. It also has other services like a food court, cinema screens, a bowling alley and even a supermarket.


Regarding clothes brands, one can find from the most exclusive brands for men to the most complete shops that dedicate themselves to the youngest in the family. This shopping centre is devised to be enjoyed by all ages.


If you rented apartments in Valencia and you want to buy yourself various nice things to take back home, visit Aqua Multiespacio in the city centre and you´ll find what you´re looking for.