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Palác Flora

In the city of Prague, like in all big cities in the world, we can find all kinds of shops and we can buy clothes from the best brands in the world but, enjoying a shopping walk typical of each city is unique and, because of that, if you´re in Prague you have to visit Palác Flora.


Palác Flora is located in the residential district of Vinohrady, a bit further from the city centre, but it´s easy to access it because the building was built just behind the Flora metro station. That´s why it´s only a question of minutes from the city centre.


This shopping centre also has various restaurants where one can sit down to eat something nice while they wait for their partner to finish shopping or in between shops. There are also eight cinema screens where they show the latest and most recent films.


With respect to the shopping there, we can find everything that we´re looking for without having to walk much, because we have everything in one same place, from shoes to hats, we can dress from head to toe in this family shopping centre in the capital of the Czech Republic.


If you want to see the whole city, rent apartments in Prague and, if you have a few days, visit its shopping centres.