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Barcelona: City of ham

If there is a flavor that can remind you to visit Barcelona it is the flavor of ham. This preparation of pork leg so characteristic of the Iberian Peninsula is served in most restaurants and is part of several culinary preparations typical of the area.


The ham is obtained by curing with salt pork leg and is usually done at high altitudes, where the air and low temperatures help the drying process. Pigs can be of different races, but the finest are the Iberian. The Iberian pig is fed with acorns, which give a special flavor to their meat and as a consequence to the ham. Its level of fat is something that makes it unique in the world.

Do not confuse the pata negra ham with the famous Iberian ham, since pata negra is a type of ham that doesn’t describe the original race of the pig used. The famous Serrano ham doesn´t describe it either, as that is just the name given to a type of cut.

The flavor and consistency of Iberian ham depends on four factors: the breed of pig, the breeding process, since the pig must walk in the mountains to have the proper musculature; wild food that will give the flavor and fat infiltration proper feeding and because the fat acorns makes curing occurs is distributed more evenly in the muscle fibers.

To test the quality of the real ham we recommend the restaurant Cinco Jotas Las Arenas de Barcelona. It is a place with style and culinary where the specialty is ham. Among the activities that take place here is the Jam Hour, in which they serve a delicious cocktail and seasonal tapas 5J ham. From the terrace you can see the splendor of the city, take great pictures and enjoy wonderful pure preparations of ham bellota 5J and all accompanied by fine wines from Spain. Located on the slopes of Tibidabo.

Los Bellota is a restaurant where you can eat tapas with pure Iberian acorn ham from Extremadura. A flute with Iberian ham, over a beer or glass of wine costs € 6. It has a nice terrace for warm summer evenings and every last Friday of every month there is a lucky cash ticket drawn among their clients. Located in the Eixample, in Marina 298.

Jamonísimo is a ham and deli shop where you can taste very good Iberian ham and some products derived from this. There are interesting preparations like pizza with Iberian ham with manchego cheese and onion. It is a very nice place and it is located at Carrer de Muntaner 328.

Casa Alfonso is a charcuterie dating from the 30s and there you’ll taste delicious Iberian ham. Located on Carrer de Roger de Llúria 6.