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Gastronomy in Berlin, Intense Flavours!

Afters hours and hours walking through the streets of Berlin, it’s nearly time for lunch. Your delicious breakfast is nothing but a memory and your stomach starts to protest. Suddenly, you smell something delicious… Follow your nose and discover the German specialties!


If we have to describe the German cuisine in 3 words, it would be without doubt: delicious, varied and multicultural. There are for example a lot of Turkish, Indian, Polish and Czech influences. Berlin is the city in Germany with most awarded restaurants, so enjoying the ‘Haute Cuisine’ is definitely recommended, but you can also eat great food in the small, popular restaurants for a good price.

If you like fast food, pay a visit to the local snack bars or Imbiss. There you will find the typical meatballs, all kinds of German sausages or Turkish Döner Kebabs. Another specialty is the Curryworst, a sausage cut into pieces and eaten with a lot of ketchup and curry.

If you want to try the traditional food, you should know that most of these dishes are very heavy. Expect big portions, ingredients vary but usually include potatoes, coal, vegetables, poultry or pork meat. Some of the typical dishes are: Sauerkraut (sour white cabbage) with mashed potatoes and peas, smoked pork (Kasseler), pork knees (Eisbein) with coal, liver with apples, beef with horseradish (Rinderbrust) and mashed potatoes (Stampfkartoffeln) and grilled goose.

There also exists a daily menu called “unter der Woche”, where they serve you blood sausage, Leberwurst (based on liver), hamburgers with Kartoffelsalat (boiled potatoes with different ingredients), Königsberger Klopse (meatballs with mustard) and Apfelmus (mashed apples). The most popular type of fish is herring.

And to accompany al this delicious food, there is nothing better then a cold beer! It’s about the national drink of Germany, and they come in all types and variants. There even exists a beer for breakfast, Molle. Of course you can always ask for the ‘light’ version, like for example a Raddler (Beer with lemonade, like our Shandy) or a Diesel (beer with coca-cola). If you want to taste a typical beer from Berlin, try the Berliner Weiße.