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Madrid and its wonderful gastronomy

Is lunchtime getting closer and you are already starving? If this is the case, there’s no better way for satisfying your hunger pains than with some Spanish food which is also famous for being healthy. So now you’re asking yourself with which delicious dish you should start, right? It’s actually quiet easy: you should just dedicate your time to the amazing gastronomy of Madrid. Due to the geographical location of Spain’s capital in the heart of the country, its gastronomy is influenced by many different regions. Nevertheless Madrid’s cuisine enjoys a really particular character. Especially, the squid sandwiches belong to its culinary highlights.

The emigrants who came from other Spanish regions to Madrid, have transformed the gastronomy of the city into a perfect mixture of the most different recipes and tastes with an interesting Hispanic and Roman touch. But the environmental circumstances exert a certain influence to Madrid’s gastronomy. So in summer they mainly eat cold dishes, like the delicious chickpeas vinaigrettes or in winter you enjoy warm dishes and soups.

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Spanish tapas? Madrid belongs to the centre of the tapas-bars meanwhile those little tasty appetizers are popular in the whole country. The main ingredients of the tapas are for example cheese, sausages and seafood. But this is only the basis, because you will enjoy a huge variety of all different kinds of tapas: octopus, Spanish omelets, vinegar anchovies, squid, pig’s ear, croquettes, etc.. The majority of bars in Madrid serve you tapas, so that will be no problem to get to know this special tradition of Spain.

But if we are talking about the typical food of Madrid, then we should mention first of all the cocido madrileño. It´s a stew made of meat (pork, chicken or veal), chickpeas, vegetables and sausages. But they normally serve it in different dishes: first the soup, then the vegetables and finally the meats.

Apart from the Madrid stew you will get spoiled with the delicious tripe from lamb, pork, cow  as well as served with chorizo or blood sausage; snails a la madrileña with hot sauce; hard boiled eggs with chicken and almonds; starry eggs (a real specialty of the restaurant Casa Lucio); garlic soup, squid sandwiches, cod and much more.

Most of the desserts are related to the different kinds of holidays and religious traditions. According to that, the madrileños eat the fritters and the Huesos de Santo on November 1st; or in the Week a kind of French toast; on January 6th they prepare the delicious King´s Cake….These are only some example of the huge variety of the tasty desserts in Madrid. You should also not miss the famous churros with chocolate – a real delight!

Discover the traditional dishes of Spain’s capital and enjoy a royal feast. Spanish food will amaze you without any doubt.