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The Best Cities to Discover on Foot

I always say the same thing: anyone who doesn’t like to walk will never be able to fully enjoy a city. And it´s true, since the true character of the places we visit cannot be experienced entirely without being on the ground in the center of it all, something that is not achieved with any tour bus or something similar. In any case, there are cities with much to see but where the most important spots are scattered about the city at great distances from one another and walking 2 or 3 kilometers to visit them is less than ideal.

Best <b>cities</b> <b>to</b> <b>discover</b> <b>on</b> foot


If you visit the Serenissima, the beautiful city of Venice, there aren’t a whole lot of options other than visiting on foot. The fact that it’s car-free is one of its most attractive features. Getting lost in the labyrinths of San Marco or stumbling upon a sunny square in the middle of Dorsoduro is priceless. Venice is one of the best cities to visit on foot, because, even though there is no alternative, it’s the best way to appreciate the city’s charm and surprises.


Another city that is best discovered on foot is Marrakech. To be honest, the Medina is the best part to visit in this Moroccan city where you’ll find souks and the emblematic square of Djemaa el-Fna. Walking through these streets amidst the smell of leather and spices is a truly unique experience. Get lost in the souks and then walk to the Kasbah, a route that offers the most authentic and oldest sides of the city. Marrakech is large enough to keep you busy for a few days but small enough to see everything on foot.


For those who like the beach and walking along the shaded streets of a seaside town, Nice is the perfect destination. The Vieux Nice, or the Old Town of Nice, is the historic center of this city in the French Riviera and offers the best of Nice in a few square kilometers. Stroll along the famous Promenade des Anglais or the Cours Saleya or go up to the top of the Colline du Château to admire the beautiful views of the coast and turquoise sea. Walking in Nice is a luxury available to anyone.


Finally, if you want to take a trip that combines relaxation with cultural activities and to be able to do everything on foot, Budapest is the perfect destination. The hilly walk from the Castle that passes through the woods to the river below is very memorable. A stroll down the city’s main avenue, Andrassy Avenue, allows you to admire the Art Nouveau buildings on either side until you get to Heroes Square, behind which you’ll find Varösliget Park and can immerse yourself in the warm waters of the Széchenyi spa and rest your feet after seeing such a beautiful city. Budapest also boasts a lively nightlife, and all the best areas for bars and clubs are close enough to not need a taxi. Everything is just a walk away.

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