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Amsterdam City Tours

There are people who of course like to travel at their leisure, enjoying themselves on the way and even getting lost around the different corners of the cities that they visit. But when one comes across a company that organizes guided tours in such a great way like this one does (Amsterdam City Tours, I´ll leave the name here so we don´t get lost), even the most experienced traveller might change their mind. From 20 euros per person (and even for less), you can see this beautiful city in Holland from all the possible points of view: by foot, by bus, in a car, by bicycle (of course), and by boat. You can visit museums, parks, its famous nightclubs, attending special dinners and a long etcetera which will satisfy even the most demanding traveller.


So another thing to book when you visit the Dutch capital, as well as your flights, your apartments in Amsterdam and the museum tickets, is one of these guided tours by Amsterdam City Tours. Personally, I prefer the two classic ones: ´Amsterdam Cycle Tour´ which lasts four hours and ´Amsterdam Beer Tour´, and then you get to know (and sample, mustn´t we forget) the delicious abbey beer that is still being made in the city. And you, which one will you choose?