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The best horchata in Barcelona

There are drinks that have that scent of childhood that chase us our whole life. Horchata is one of them. It reminds us of those warm summer afternoons with the family with our mum giving us that elixir of freshness in the afternoon after playing. Perhaps that´s the reason that we´re always after the information that leads us to the places that prepare the best horchata.


Because we want to make that search easy for you in Barcelona, here are some places that you´ll enjoy drinking horchata in this summer.

Horchata is a white drink that´s drunk very cold and therefore is a summer classic. It´s prepared with tiger nuts, chufa, that they only grow in Valencia, where they arrived from northern Africa in the 8th century, a product of Islamic migrations. Obtaining the horchata is a process that has four stages: washing and soaking the chufa for 8h, crush and macerate, press it so that it lets go its extract and finally add sugar to it.

With time and the scientific investigations that have taken place regarding the nutritional properties of the chufa, it turns out that it´s beneficial to have a glass of horchata every day because it´s high content of oleic acid helps bring down bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol levels, preventing senile dementia and cardiovascular problems. Also, it has a hight content of Vitamin E, doesn´t contain gluten, is rich in minerals such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium, it´s low in sodium and it´s perfect for people with heart problems.

For all of these reasons and those that connect us to the good memories of our childhood, it´s advisable that you know where you can drink and nice glass of cold horchata.

If you go to the horchatería Sirvent, on Parlament 56, you´ll have to wait a bit and be patient, because there are usually queues to get into this place for its horchata. However, you can be sure that you´ll be tasting one of the best horchatas in Barcelona. A medium glass of it costs 1.90€.

Horchatería El Tío Ché, located on Rambla del Poblenou 44, has its name linked to the development of Barcelona, since its Valencian owners arrived in the district of El Born in 1912, when they were waiting to go to Buenos Aires by getting money together selling horchata in the street, and uncle Joan used to say to the passers-by, “Ché, prova!”, which means “Hey, try some!”. Since then, its quality has been preserved and it´s the ideal place to have a cold horchata with fartons, little sponge cakes typical of Valencia.

La Chufera was inaugurated in 1978 on Ramón Casas 19. Since then it´s known for the delicious horchata, made with the traditional preparation and with modern sanitary controls that ensure its quality.

Planelles Donat is a classic horchatería of Barcelona, where the quality of the products that it uses in its fabrication is the secret of their success. Find it on Avinguda Portal de l´Àngel 25-27 and on Cucurulla 9.

For more information: http://eltioche.es/