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Big Ben

Big Ben is the “clock tower” which is best known around the world, but not for its function but for its history, location and because it´s a symbol of the United Kingdom. Big Ben is actually the name of one of the bells in Westminster, the biggest one of them all that are in the tower, but today they call the whole tower Big Ben .


This tower is part of the Westminster Palace or Houses of Parliament, where Parliament congregates.


It was built in 1858 and, since then, it´s become a tourist attraction in the city. Thousands of tourists come to see it every day and to take some photographs with the Big Ben in the background. The name it seems was given in the honor of a builder of the tower, Benjamin Hall or, if not, the other hypothesis is that it´s in the honour of a famous boxer of the time, Ben Caunt.


The palace was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it´s on the Thames river. You can´t miss it if you rented apartments in London