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Bike About Paris

Paris has so many attractions that it would be nearly impossible to list them all. The Eiffel Tower, some of the most important museums in the world like the Louvre or the D´Orsay, beautiful buildings like the Palais de Glace and many other gorgeous ones are just some that only the most romantic city in the world could possess.


Visiting it in summer, with all its green parks, is exceptional and doing it by bicycle is even better. For this reason, if you want to see Paris on two wheels you have to go straight to Bike About, which is a bicycle rental place with people who speak different languages so that you won´t have any problems when communicating with them.


The people that make up the Bike About group thought out different tours so that the tourists can get to know the city´s secrets that only locals know of and that they wouldn´t get to know in any other way. To do these expeditions the people of Bike About tour with small groups of people so that everyone can enjoy it in the best way possible.


Bike About is, undoubtedly, an ideal place if you want to see the city by bicycle. If you want to do so you can rent apartments in Paris and not only take part in this kind of adventures but also go out to eat, visit beautiful places and have a walk down the shores of the river Seine.