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Small Bike Tours Paris

Paris is one of the world´s most beautiful cities. It has everything necessary so that a tourist can have a great time, with their partner or with their family.


For that reason, seeing the city is a must. If you want to do it without missing anything and enjoying each and every one of its different corners, you can go to the people of Small Bike Tours who, as their name indicates, offer to show the city of light by bicycle.


Small Bike Tours is for people over 8 years old, and the idea is to be able to cross and ride over the more than 5,000 Parisian streets without anybody bothering you, enjoying the air and the green of the city, mixing with the locals and being just another Parisian.


To enjoy the services of Small Bike Tours, you just have to take into account that it has to be booked in advance, dress with comfy clothes and be prepared to spend a wonderful time.


If you want to get to know the French city being part of it, being like just another Parisian and getting to know each of its secrets, you just have to go to Small Bike Tours and rent apartments in Paris