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Bike City Amsterdam

It´s not the same getting to know a city by walking it than in a car or on a bicycle. Those who have read about Amsterdam know perfectly that the main form of transport in this Dutch city is the bicycle, and if you want to rent one to get to know the city like the locals do daily, the best thing you can do is rent one yourself.

Bike City is a bicycle rental shop in the heart of Amsterdam, where they rent the same vehicles that the locals use to get around, without being striking bicycles like the ones in the majority of the rental services. They´re discreet vehicles, without too many striking colours and without advertising. This way, you´ll be just another local.

The rental shop is located in the picturesque heart of the Jordaan district. The good thing is that it´s a great starting point to be able to start a trip and get to know the best spots in the city. But if you´re the type of person who travels around the world with your bicycle and what you need is not renting one but repairing or maintenance, you can also do it here.

If you want to get to know the city by bicycle, all you need to do is rent apartments in Amsterdam and go to Bike City.