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Mac Bike Amsterdam

If there´s a city where travelling by bicycle is more normal than doing so by car, that is definitely Amsterdam. For the citizens, getting around the city by bicycle is the most normal thing in the world, and those who arrive to the city will find out in minutes that it´s that way because there are bicycles everywhere, and there´s even parkings for them in various places.

If you want to rent a bicycle, you just have to go to Mac Bike that, as well as renting bicycles for as long as you like and of all types, it also raffles, various times in the year, this vehicle among the users who send in the best photograph to the Facebook group which they created.

But also, the company is in charge of carrying out excursions where a large group of people go by bicycle to a certain place, see it, listen to the tourist guides talk about all of its history and then, go back home.

This Dutch city is one of the most beautiful in Europe and thousands of tourists arrive there every year. If you´re thinking about visiting it, then you just have to rent apartments in Amsterdam rent a good bicycle, and see all of it with it.