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Bikemi Milan

If you travel to Milan with your family, with your partner, to study, to work or for pleasure, you have to see Bikemi. What is Bikemi? Well, essentially it´s a bicycle rental network, but it´s so amazingly well organized that any bicycle fan should try it. For that, here is their website where Bikemi has service stations (I´ve put down the Duomo because it´s the most central one, but they´re all around the city) at the user´s disposal. The bicycles, previously placed on their spots, are at anyone´s disposal after paying a fee. It´s as easy, comfortable and simple as that.

The best thing is that, from your apartments in Milan and fixating your location, look at the map that they have on their website and you can see which is the closest service station to your temporary accommodation in Italy.

The instructions for the rental are available on their website magnificently translated into English, as well as in other European languages. Milan is an amazing city that thrives on art, design and fashion. Like in any cosmopolitan and vibrant city, a good way to get around is by using a bicycle and, if it´s rented, even better so you don´t have to worry about transporting yours.