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Not many restaurants in a city can boast of having style, modernity and fashion in its lounges but one of the few, be it for what the food is like, the price of its dishes or the vibe that the people who run it give it, it´s Bocca.


In a calm street which is close to the Parque Eduardo VII, you can find the restaurant that possesses a sophisticated design which mixes that latest style with the trendiest people in the city, who go every night to enjoy the nicest meals.


Its interior was designed with clear brown and green colours which are reminiscent of a forest. Also, the furniture have very fine finishings and they also follow the latest trends from around the world.


The team that works there behind he scenes is a group of very young people that know about the importance of Portuguese food and, for that reason, they created a menu that mixes typical food of the country with the trendiest dishes.


Those who go to the place will spend between 25 and 50 euros according to the dishes that they choose. They know that they can visit Bocca from all the most interesting restaurants in the city but for that, they have to find Lisbon accommodation