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Bica do Sapato

If you like stylish places which are full of people who dress in the latest fashion and food that goes from the most common like a plate of pasta up to preparations like Sushi, Bica do Sapato is an ideal place where you can enjoy, as well, the best preparations of Portuguese cuisine.


If you have in mind going to the place take into account that dishes start at 35 euros.


The place is situated in what used to be a workshop and it´s one of the most visited places by famous people of the world that range from artists, musicians and even Hollywood stars. This is due to, like the nightclub Lux, the owner of this place is renowned actor John Malkovich.


The place is designed and decorated in a very minimalistic way with a beautiful view of the river that you´ll be able to enjoy eating the best dishes chosen from a very complete menu with food from all over the world.


Also, on the upper floor, if you fancy eating some good sushi, there´s a sushi-bar where you can enjoy Japanese culture.


For this reason, if you want to visit one of the trendiest restaurants you can get Lisbon accommodation and choose Bica do Sapato.