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British Museum

The British Museum in London is an enormous museum in England, it has more than 7 million pieces, some exposed, some kept and some under investigation. Each one of these objects has a special historical value. They come from all the continents and between all of them they contribute so that the British Museum is one of the most beautiful to visit.


Also, the building that is exclusive to the museum today, used to be part of the British Library, whose reading room was the biggest in the world. Since 1973 the library has its own home, just like the Natural History Museum in London, that before 1963 used to be held in the British Museum as well.


Visiting this museum is absolutely wonderful, all tourists from around the world come to see it and all of its exhibitions. The entry is free so it encourages everyone to visit it to see the history, not only of England, but from around the world.


This museum in London has the second biggest collection in the world of Egyptian art, only surpassed by the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.


Visiting this museum is a must if you´re in the city and you´ve rented apartments in London You can´t miss it.