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Burger Bar Amsterdam

If you´re in Amsterdam and you want fast food to eat on the go or to take wherever you are staying, Burger Bar is the ideal place. It was inaugurated in 2007 to give a fast and quality service.

One of the innovations that have made Burger Bar one of the favourite fast food places in Amsterdam is that you can choose what meat you want in your burger and the size that you want. You can order it in Black Angus, Irish beef, Philly Steak or Wagyu beef, and add the sauces that you want. In few words, you design your hamburger depending on how hungry you are.

If you want, you can eat at the restaurant or you can take away, it´s all down to you; but the place is designed so that the visitors eat quick, so it´s a bit small for the amount of people who go there.

The hamburgers have a different price depending on their weight and meat type. The 7oz Philly Steak costs 4.75€, the 7oz Wagyu beef costs 9.95€ and the 9.5oz costs 12.95€. If you want to add bacon or cheese of any type, it has an additional price, just like the chips and drink.

Prepare your luggage for your winter holidays in apartments in Amsterdam and don´t forget to try a delicious burger at Burger Bar.