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Calçots season in Barcelona

The calçotada season in Barcelona is as highly awaited as spring, because they both come together. The calçot was born in the rural areas to regain all the strengths that were lost in winter.

calÇots barcelona

You´ll be asking yourself what a calçot has that onions and leaks don´t have, since they´re so similar, and the truth is that its soft and sweet taste distinguishes it from any other. Its preparation is very simple: the the tender calçot, without cleaning, is put on a grill with a strong fire. When they´re roasted, they´re eaten nice and hot accompanied by some nice glasses of wine.

The calçots are served with special sauces that can include hazelnuts, almonds, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil, but it depends on the place and the taste that these ingredients might have something added to them. This mix make it a special dish to strengthen the body after the hard winter.

If you´re coming for a few days on holiday to Barcelona and you want to try the calçots, here are some places where to sample them and how you should do it.

Eating in a calçotada is an exciting and liberating ritual because the calçot is eaten with the hands and introduced completely in your mouth while your head is looking up. In the restaurants they give you a napkin to wrap around your neck and gloves for the hands, but if you´re with informal company, you can leave the gloves and wash your hands at the end of the meal.

If you want to know a few details on where to eat a nice calçotada, we recommend the restaurant-brasserie El Jardí de l´àpat, located on Albert Llanas 2. It´s a privileged place in Barcelona which has beautiful views of the city, ideal to go with the family or big groups. It has two terraces that will make you feel like if you´re in the middle of nature.

The restaurant-brasserie El Caliu de l´Eixample, located on Valencia 329, offers delicious and abundant calçotades as well as chargrilled meats, typical traditional dishes and other specialities.

If you´re going to the Sagrada Família you can drop by La Bota del Racó, which is on Avinguda Mare de Déu de Montserrat 232, in the Guinardó district. This restaurant is famous for its traditional Catalan cuisine and has as its main seasonal dish the calçot, which costs 30€ VAT not incl. per person.

Can Manel restaurant has the best Catalan traditional cuisine, among which the star dishes the best calçots in the city are included, which are prepared with fresh seasonal products. It´s located on Passeig Joan de Borbó 60-61.

Restaurant Casa Cristòfol, located on Plaça María Brossa 14, in the Sant Andreu district, offers calçots from November to April. This restaurant is known for offering Catalan cuisine with first class products. It´s open every day of the week except Tuesday.

For more information: http://www.caliudeleixample.com/el_caliu_del_eixample.php?id=

Come and relax in apartments in Barcelona and try the ´calçots´ to see the deliciously simple Catalan cuisine.