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Spring in Barcelona

Knowing the best time to travel to a city can be the deciding factor between a successful trip and a complete disaster. One has to take into account not only the weather but also the influx of tourists, activities, etc. That´s why I’m going to tell you today about the best time of year to visit Barcelona. I bet if you ask any Barcelona native, everyone will tell you the same thing: spring. Why? Keep reading.

Spring <b>in</b> Barcelona
There are several reasons why Barcelona shines in spring. Here’s a list:

Warm but not hot

Visiting a sunny city with temperatures above 30° C and walking everywhere can be an ordeal. Barcelona has many outdoor places to visit, but the sun can take away any desire to go on to the spot. In the spring, temperatures in Barcelona are mild, near 20 ° C, and the sun isn’t at its peak so it’s much more comfortable. Walking in the Parc Güell or along the Passeig de Gràcia at 30° C is much different than at a moderate 20° C. Of course, there might be an odd shower but nothing you cannot solve by stopping in at a cafe to wait it out with a good mel i mató or churros with hot chocolate.

Less tourists

Barcelona is one of the most important tourist centers of Europe, which means there’s an influx of people coming from all over to see this beautiful city. This can get uncomfortable—queues, crowds in the center and higher housing prices make summers in Barcelona more complicated for those with little patience. There are tourists in the spring as well but not the same numbers as in the summer, so you can stroll at your leisure without having to dodge people who stroll down the Ramblas as 1km/hour while looking at maps from underneath their sunhats.

Spring activities

Barcelona offers thousands of activities throughout the spring. There are music festivals such as Primavera Sound or the feast of San Jordi, a Catalan national holiday when the streets are filled with stalls selling books and roses; Barcelona is vibrant in spring. You won’t want to miss the Salón del Cómic  or the Night of the Museums in May.


This should be a reason in itself to visit Barcelona. Calçots are a variety of elongated spring onions that are roasted, then peeled and eaten with Romesco sauce. One of the best Catalan traditions you can take part in both during the spring or late winter. In Barcelona, especially in the neighborhood of Gràcia, they organize weekend calçotadas on the streets, where you can eat all the calçots you want and immerse yourself in Catalan culture.


Okay, maybe it´s a little early to go to the beach but in the days when the temperatures reach over 20° C , you can go to enjoy a day at the beach and the bravest among you may want to take a dip, which is good for circulation. It’s always pleasant to enjoy the beach without crowds in good weather.


Find an accommodation in Barcelona apartments and visit this wonderful city in spring, which is undoubtedly the best time of year to visit the capital of Catalonia.