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Cannabis Cup 2012 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the interesting capital of the Netherlands, full of museums, art in every corner, flowers, beautiful bike trails, beautiful sunsets in their channels and of course, its cafes licensed to sell marijuana ofthe best quality in the world. Perhaps this last point is the one that most tourists and everyone else, have in mind when visiting the city or at least is in the top positions in the ranking of reasons to visit Amsterdam. In all honesty, for fans and consumers of marijuana, Amsterdam is one of the paradises on earth and this grows even more in the days when they celebrate the “Cannabis Cup”.


What is the Cannabis Cup?, Well, this is a contest, the largest worldwide contest where you choose Cannabis and taste the best sprouts of the season. As many may know, marijuana is harvested in autumn, like many other plants, including some famous wine  grape strains. Thus, in the Netherlands this harvest period is celebrated in the capital with a great contest where all varieties are tested and also you find crop management courses, fertilizers, such as testing and other,  basically its a festival on how to become a specialist in the subject,

The 2012 version of the Cannabis Cup will be held from the18 to the 22 of November and do not forget that it is also a festival, the largest in the world, so you can share experiences with marijuana lovers worldwide and  spend days without feeling guilty or any kind of remorse because everything is legal, spreading peace and security to enjoy such a special event without any police disturbance

Remember that the city has more than 300 cafes licensed to sell marijuana and as an adult you can carry an amount of 30 grams. Knowing these latest figures, be prepared for the 5-day world´s highest festival , do not miss it for anything!.

For more information visit: http://www.cannabiscup.com/


The Cannabis Cup 2012 is here and it claims your presence. apartments in Amsterdam , the most beautiful and comfortable apartments for you to sleep in them like a baby after each day at the Cannabis Cup. With all these amenities, Will you sign in to visit the Cannabis Cup 2012?.