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Grey Area Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous, among other things, for being one of the countries where marihuana, in certain places, is completely legal. Many tourists arrive to the city with the fetish of getting to know the coffee shops that, for those of you that don´t know, are the places which are suitable to sell this drug.


One of the most famous in the city is the one called Grey Area, which didn´t become famous for its design nor for its location but because it was, for many straight years, the place that won the Cannabis Cup (something like a world cup where different people or places present their types of marihuana). For this, despite that the place has few tables and it´s an incredibly small place, thousands of people visit it every month, both tourists and locals.


Grey Area is an entertaining and calm place where the music will be on background volume where you´ll be able to have a relaxing time. It´s been open for 15 years, which makes it into one of the first ones in the city.


If you want to visit one of the most important coffee shops you just have to rent apartments in Amsterdam and, also, see one of the most beautiful cities in the world with canals, museums and a load of interesting places.