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Carla Sozzani Gallery Milan

In a place with such artistic tradition as Italy, in general, and in Milan, in particular, it´s not strange that many good contemporary art galleries proliferate. Carla Sozzan´s shows, logically, a clear wide space painted in white where exhibitions come one after the other uninterruptedly. Logically, in contemporary art, the pay special attention to photography, printmaking, new materials and, even, installations and performances which take place at the gallery every so often. The organizers have paid special attention to the virtual shop where they sell the catalogues of all the exhibitions which have taken place up until then.

The sybarite traveller who is passing by this beautiful city, where everything is art and design, just as they leave their luggage in one of the excellent apartments in Milan can begin to see the city´s galleries. Of course, Carla Sozzani´s is a must see. If you´ve attended an exhibition or you´ve purchased a piece, we´d like to know your thoughts. The comments box is at your entire disposal. We´ll wait here behind the screen in case you need any additional information.