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Massimo de Carlo Gallery Milan

In a city like Milan, so dedicated to contemporary art and to creation in all fields (from fashion to design) it´s not strange to find quite a few good art galleries. Local talent is so important that it reaches these artistic spaces without any problems. The bourgeoisie classes, together with a lively international clientele (who travels exclusively to this city of northern Italy to stock up with fashion, design and art), that maintain a constant movement with their shopping. If the large majority of Milanese galleries are of extreme quality, the Massimo de Carlo one surprises for its variety of languages (it has even projected artists close to virtual poetry), and for its internationalization from those who have exhibited their works there. Massimo de Carlo has gone further and hasn´t conformed with Milanese creators and therefore looks around the world for those creators with a radical cosmovision of reality.


Not much to advise the traveller, just that, as they leave their luggage in apartments in Milan, they should start to see this impressive city by walking around the different art galleries in the city. You can find pleasant surprises with affordable works for all pockets.