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Carnival Sitges

Barcelona, without doubt, is one of the most beautiful cities with the most diversity not only in Spain but in the whole of Europe. All those who want to enjoy history through museums, nights full of fun in bars and clubs and, also, a carnival known around the world, have to visit the city.


A few kilometers outside of Barcelona, every year, the Sitges Carnival takes place, which is an amazing show that, during the whole week, is attended by thousands of people in the streets who want to have fun and a good time. The biggest attractions of the event are on the streets, where they present the different parades.


In them, you can see a great aesthetic creativity by those who are part of it, which makes it all very artistic. You can see the incredible costumes, unique make ups, plenty of feathers and mobile stages where everyone dances to the rhythm of the music and try to get the crowd to have fun.


If you want to have fun with your friends or your whole family, the Sitges Carnival is a great event you have to see. For that, you just have to rent apartments in Barcelona , hop on the train or take your car and prepare yourself to see one of the best carnivals in the whole world.