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Cementerio Monumental

The Cementerio Monumental (Monumento Cemetery) of Milan is a tourist point of the city because there lie many celebrities of Italian art and also for its marvellous architecture.


It was built recently in the 19th by the architect Carlo Maciacchini who wanted to not only build a cemetery but also give it his personal style and create a place that was aesthetically harmonic and nice to visit.


Walking through the small streets of the cemetery isn´t an unpleasant experience, more like the opposite because one can find himself in a famous place where art, nature and history come together as one single feeling.


Inside the cemetery there are special places that you can´t miss. For example, El Ossario (The Ossary) which is located in the centre of the precinct. Thi construction has a terrace from where one can see part of the cemetery but, the thing that strikes the most, are its walls that present tombstones of illustrious citizens that are buried in other cemeteries. It´s a curiosity that you must see.


You will probably go in via “El Famedio” (main entrance to the cemetery), don´t miss its beauty in detail. And lastly you can visit the Templo Crematorio (Crematory Temple)


This cemetery is unmissable is you visit the city, which you can do after renting apartments in Milan