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Jewish District

The Jewish District of the city of Prague is an area frequented by tourists that don´t want to forget what happened with the Jewish people so that it doesn´t happen again.


Where there used to be the Josefov ghetto, they founded a museum that preserved, mainly, works of art, literature and various objects that were related to the history of the Jewish people. But it was recently in 1994 when this museum became famous and could perform freely. From then, it´s visited by thousands of people every year.


But this museum isn´t like the rest, it differentiates itself because it´s made up by different institutions that are distributed along the Jewish District. That´s why, to do the whole route, you have to walk a bit in the city.


The buildings that are part of this museum are four synagogues (Maisel, Spanish, Pinkas and Klaus), the Old Jewish Cemetery, the Jewish Ceremonial Hall and the Žižkov Jewish Cemetery.


All in all, this association of museums, located in a certain district of the city of Prague, have more than 40 thousand objects in the museum, as well as 100 thousand books. If you rent apartments in Prague you´ll be able to see this sad but beautiful Jewish district and much more.