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Old Jewish Cemetery

The Old Jewish Cemetery in the city of Prague is a monument to memory. It´s impressive visiting it due to the large amount of graves in such a small space, that strikes the tourists a lot.


This cemetery was founded in the 15th century and, together with the Old and New Synagogue, it´s one of the most relevant memorials that the Jewish District of Prague has.


The oldest grave that you can see today, is from 1439, and it´s from the great poet Avigdor Kara. This cemetery worked as such from the 15th century until the end of the 18th century, where due to lack of space they stopped burying bodies there.


Before, what they used to do was bury people one on top of the other, and that´s why there are so many tombstones next to each other. That´s why, the number of tombstone is around 12 thousand, but the amount of people is much more.


The most important person that´s buried in this cemetery in the city of Prague is the religious pedagogue Jehuda Liwa ben Betzalel. He was a rabbi, but he´s known for having created a spiritual and artificial being, the Golem.


Every cemetery has its history which is always interesting to know. Rent apartments in Prague and discover it.