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Centraal Train Station

Centraal Train Station in Amsterdam finds itself below the real heart of the city. It´s a beautiful and very picturesque place and for that, all tourists that arrive to the Dutch city are marvelled with its architecture.


They say that every day there´s a traffic of over 250 thousand people in the central station in Amsterdam because it´s a uniting point for many other cities in Europe.


At the exit of the station there are various bus or tram lines that take you everywhere. There are also taxis and a tourism office that will advise the tourist in everything he needs and any doubt that he has about the city. And very close there´s the Amsterdam dock from where the exclusive cruises leave from to see the beautiful Dutch canals.


The original style of the construction was neo-renaissance but with the various remodelations that it´s had it´s changed a bit. Even so, it´s a beautiful architectonic work that indicates us that we´ve arrived in the city of Amsterdam, the city of bicycles and joy.


If you want to get to see this beautiful city, rent apartments in Amsterdam It´s probable that you´ll arrive in Centraal Station.