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Christmas Ball 2010 in Berlin

Do you have plans for the holidays this year? If so, you can change them, because if your destination is not Berlin, you´ll regret it for the rest of your days. No, I´m not kidding, the Christmas Ball, a festival that has already been carried out successfully in other cities in Germany arrives in Berlin and has an unbeatable lineup!

christmas ball berlin
The festival will be headlined by none other than Fields of the Nephilim, a band led by the “master of gothic rock,” and “Guru of Darkness”, Carl McCoy. This year we were lucky to see him on tour in several European countries, and his concerts showed that his 25-year career has only strengthened and refined his musical skills.  If you missed the tour, now is your chance to see him. Enter a different world and get caught up in an atmosphere that few bands can manufacture.

The second headliner is another luminary we’ve been looking forward to mentioning, German group Project Pitchfork. They are known for there e-industrial sound, led by Peter Spiller is a band that examines philosophical issues of great substance and depth, accompanied by the best electronic beats.

Thirdly, Laibach, pillars of the industrial genre. It´s pretty hard to talk about the music of Laibach, because they have covered so much musical ground over the course of there career.  The best thing to do is see them live at the Christmas Ball.

Last but not least, is a band that lends pure spark to the dance floor, Agonoize.  Know for playing the newest incarnation of German industrial sound, they will finish up the night along with another local band, Faderhead.  this is an incredible oportunity to see the best and biggest names in industrial music all in the same place.

The Christmas Ball will be held in the “Huxleys Neue Welt” in Berlin on December 29, doors open at 17:30 pm and the great late-night concerts start at 19:00 hrs.  This ball is a great value, considering that you can see this tremendous lineup for only 30 €, there is also an after party!

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Luz Obscura Only-apartments AuthorLuz Obscura

Berlin is humming with the melancholic sounds of Dark-Wave, Goth and industrial music this winter.  Rent apartments in Berlin and enjoy the show!

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