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Festival of Lights in Berlin

What is Berlin´s Festival of Lights? You´ll have surely seen some of the photographs from this impressive festival in one of the most cosmopolitan and interesting cities in the world, and you´l have thought that it was Christmas decoration or the backdrop of an important event. But it isn´t. It´s Berlin´s Festival of Lights, one of the most striking events at the beginning of autumn in the German capital.


It has been taking place since 2005 in an discontinued way, and in one way or another it wants to celebrate the unification of the city and its unstoppable progress. For that they artistically light up the most important monuments: from the Brandenburg Gate, the lime trees on its main avenue, Unter den Linden, and even the TV towers. It´s really impressive and overwhelming. And if this wasn´t enough, the festival comes with concerts and fireworks to illuminate the sky and the city of Berlin even more. Even though the dates are changed every year, the festival usually takes place during the second fortnight in October. This year, 2011, it´s celebrated from the 12th until the 23rd of October.


The ideal thing to enjoy this spectacular festival is to get taken away by the light, walk (in the evening or at night) and allow your emotions to flood you. Remember that if you´re going to travel to the German capital, the best thing to do is to rent apartments in Berlin the most comfortable and affordable way to enjoy this 21st century city.