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Church of Our Lady Before Týn

Churches in Prague are part of the most important tourist spots to visit for their incredible architectonic and historical value. The Church of Our Lady Before Týn is one of the most famous in the city because it´s located in the Old Town Square, although not exactly right in front of it.


The name “of Týn” means “surrounded” in Czech and after knowing this we can understand this church a little bit more because it´s in the middle of various buildings. It was built at the end of the 10th century in an inside patio and that´s why you can´t see the complete façade of the church from the great square in the city. But its towers can be observed, rising tall and beautiful in the sky.


The gothic style predominates in the construction that finished in the 16th century. The two main towers are 80 metres tall, are of a beautiful gothic style and they´re surprisingly asymmetric.


The church was in the hands of various religious groups and it was remodeled and rebuilt various times because it also caught fire. In the last few decades they´ve strived to maintain the outside façade and the whole inside of the church. Thousands of people visit it every day.


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