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Church of Santiago Apóstol and Brotherhood of El Rico

The Church of Santiago Apóstol is one of the few churches in Spain that are still standing from the Middle Ages. It was one of the four that were inside the city in that period in the Islamic city. And since then this see of Christianity started to become part of the history of Málaga.

Built at the end of the 15th century, this church holds an early Gothic style with a mix of two very firm and different currents at the same time: the Christian reconquerers and the native muslims. It´s because of that that the façade of this building, and the whole construction in general, has an added value. It´s really a must see in the Spanish city of Málaga.
But the most interesting thing of this old church are the brotherhoods that it has. The most famous one of them all is one called “La Cofradía El Rico” which has a very beautiful and singular story.
There´s a legend of this brotherhood that tells that in the 18th century there was a big plague in the city and for Easter Week no secular man wanted to take the images to procession. This way, the imprisoned men took that place by their own decision. They did the procession and then, one by one, returned walking to prison, showing humility and repent.
The King Carlos III, in gratitude to such noble gesture by the prisoners, conceded the power to that brotherhood to free a prisoner every year on Holy Wednesday. And since then, prisoners pray to Cristo el Rico so that they liberate them that year.



For all of that you can´t not visit this church. Rent apartments in Málaga and go out and see the beautiful Spanish city.