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City breaks, a booming trend

Surely you have heard “city break” before, an expression that has increased in popularity over these last few years. A city break is a 2 to 3 night getaway in a different town or country, usually on weekends. In Only-apartments we offer some figures to picture this trend, so you may see how this could affect you. We have analysed two different markets: the Spanish market as well as the British one. Although bookings are generally for 4 to 5 nights in most locations, we have noted that 3 night bookings have experienced an increase in Spain: these types of bookings represented 11.25% of total reservations in 2013, an important increase in comparison to the 7.88% witnessed in 2012. These figures are even more pronounced in the British market: if in 2012 the 3 night bookings represented only 2.78%, this number went up to 10.19% in 2013. What to do with this? In Only-apartments, 14.07% of our owners have established a minimum stay of 4 nights or more. This means that their apartments do not come in the searches when a client is searching for a 3 night stay. Consequently, following the analysis of the two markets, we can say that owners are missing out on more than 10% of bookings we receive. Only-apartments thus recommends that you establish a minimum stay only if you really need to, as you are indeed missing out on opportunities.