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How apartments help you save on a city break

Everyone wants to travel more, and one of our raisons d’etre is to help make travelling better value for money so that our customers can do just that. We know that our clients are big fans of online tools to help find the cheapest flights to European cities, but how far will your budget go when you’re there? And how much does staying in an apartment really save you, and how does this work out city by city?


Photo: Jeff Belmonte

To answer these questions, we decided to spend most of August (or so it felt) researching the costs of 16 weekend essentials – such as dinners out, travelcards, a beer in a bar – all over Europe. We compared the costs of self-catering and eating out for every meal – knowing that it’s essential to hit the local bars and restaurants, we factored in eating out for half the lunches and dinners. As it turns out, the difference means a saving of average €92 over just two days – take a look at the infographic to see how that breaks down.


As we all know, the best things in London, Paris or Stockholm – just like in life – are free, so the prices we’ve researched have little to do with how much “value” in terms of experiences and memories we get from a destination. Plus there are always other ways to save money – free wifi, museum entry, etc. But reminding ourselves of how well you can live in Lisbon, Porto or Budapest does make us think “hmmmm” and start researching those flights…

What about you? Where did you get most out of your money for a weekend trip? Any insider tips on ways to save money?

Our data shows where you will get most value out of your money. Find find where to stay in Budapest , for example. The Pearl of the Danube is waiting for you.