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How to Improve Your Visibility and Increase Bookings

Without a doubt, the most significant factor when it comes to receiving bookings is your ad’s visibility within the website.

We polled our clients, which include 5 different nationalities (Spain, France, Italy, the UK and Germany), and the results indicate that the most popular search filters are, in order of importance: location, price, recommendations, and popularity.

We are going to analyze each of these points below, pointing out all the aspects that can’t be ignored for your ad to come as close as possible to what our clients are looking for.


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  • Location: Show the right location and area, specify the distance to the center of the city and the nearest public transport options. Add all information relative to the location of your property. Your next guests will need this information!

If your property is far away from the city center, try to include descriptions that highlight the positive aspects of that particular area, as well as thorough explanations detailing how to reach the city center.

  • Lower price: In a continuously expanding market, it’s vital to offer competitive pricing. We recommend you carry out frequent searches on our website to watch and adapt to the prices and deals others are offering. For your ad to stand out, apply offers and discounts. Discounts get highlighted on the website, and any apartments with active offers will have greater visibility and seem more attractive to clients.

It is also advisable to differentiate your prices by applying high or low seasons, as best suited to your city’s market.

  • Recommendations and popularity: For your ad to be among the most popular ones, it has to comply with a number of factors we analyze below:

-Calendar updating and overbookings: it’s crucial to have zero overbookings. For this to be possible, your calendar should always be kept up to date.

(Keep in mind that you can synchronize your calendar and an external calendar). Thus, your availability will always remain current with minimum effort.

-Picture quality: Add high quality pictures and in sufficient number… the more images shown on your ad, the more appealing to clients.

-Client reviews and ratings: Try to make your clients’ stay as pleasant as possible. Always remind your clients to rate their stay by filling out the form they will receive. This is important for helping potential guests get a better idea of what your property is like. We’d like to remind you that replying to comments is an excellent way to show that you are all for transparency and dialogue.

But keep in mind that in order to receive reviews, you will first need to receive bookings, and visibility is essential in order for those bookings to trickle in. So please follow our advice, pay close attention to detail, add as much information as possible and always update all information… Get your ad to be perfect!

And please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your Account Manager will help you make the most of your property. Write us at property@only-apartments.com