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Coffee & Tea Festival New York

There are many people who see drinking coffee and tea as a lifestyle. Actually, many specialize on the subject and buy different types of them from around the world to enjoy it and sample it with friends and family. For this reason, around the world there are events related to these drinks and one of the most famous ones in the world is in New York.

At the Coffee & Tea Festival you can´t just enjoy tea and coffee but also lectures, music and entertainment, many of them related with this subject and some others not as much. Many specialists in these hot drinks exhibit their products and, among them, Jalima Coffee and SerendipiTea, which are the two biggest companies in the world that sell these products.

On the other hand, they also carry out a money collection, through Cup For Education, and the proceeds go to education in communities around America. The visitors of the festival can enjoy different teas and coffees from around the world and see some of the most famous experts on the subject.

All of those who enjoy tea and coffee and want to visit Coffee & Tea Festival, which takes place on the 25th and 26th of February, can rent apartments in New York and also get to know a beautiful city.