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Coffee Cat Budapest

Budapest is a city where coffee is a tradition at any time of the day and where you can enjoy it from early on at Coffee Cat. It´s a place that opens its doors when the city still sleeps to give the first coffee of the day to those early risers.

Located on Ó utca 44 for over seven years, it has become the classic stop for a coffee with a croissant. Its aromas are the best possible advert for Coffee Cat since they trap whoever walk down the street to integrate them in their circle of regulars.

Despite that the place is small, its atmosphere is pleasant to have one of the coffee varieties, muffins, a brownie or another speciality on the menu, at any time of the day, in a group or just by yourself.

A plus point of Coffee Cat is using the best coffees in the world and having a wide variety of preparations that adjust to the original recipes, preserving the aromas and the intense flavour of each of them.

An espresso costs 0.90€, a cappuccino 1.30€ and an ice coffee with milk 1.60€. The brownies and sweet preparations cost 1.50€.

Don´t stop those feelings to relax and rent apartments in Budapest to have a pleasant vacation sampling a wonderful moment every day at Coffee Cat.