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Concha Pedrosa Art Gallery Seville

They say that Seville is a city with a lot of ´art´. It´s easy to see why because as well as important historical monuments like La Giralda, a symbol of the city, we can also see Spanish folklore in its biggest capacity. Even so, Seville also has many places where not everything is traditional art but newer art.


One of those places is the Concha Pedrosa art gallery, where we can enjoy the best Spanish contemporary art. The gallery exhibits a perfect combination of young emerging artists and consecrated artists, what they call maestros.


The gallery, directed by Concha Pedrosa herself, exhibits all the fields of contemporary art, such as painting, sculpture, photography, installations and more. Also, the gallery not only shows the exhibitions but also carries out talks, conferences, presentations and art book editions. We can also become members of the ´Club de la Galería´, the Gallery Club, which can bring us many advantages when visiting exhibitions before their opening day or, if our wallet allows us, buy some works.


If you want to enjoy this wonderful city in Andalucia and all of its art, you just have to rent apartments in Seville and visit the Concha Pedrosa art gallery. A few days in Seville will bring you an unforgettable experience and even the delight of enjoying its excellent gastronomy.