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Copacabana New York

New York has these things: places for all tastes, from the most underground and dangerous to the most exclusive. The Copacabana is located very close to the Eighth Avenue, and belongs to the latter of the categories. It´s a club with class which doesn´t allow people badly dressed to come in, and who ask for ID if they think that you might be underage (remember that you have to be 21 in order not to be). The managers think that fun isn´t at odds with order, and they carry their business out on that basis. That´s why they´ve organized a live concert calendar for all tastes which is breathtaking. Also, you can book your tickets online and, if this wasn´t enough, if you´re thinking of travelling to New York to celebrate an important event, Copacabana is your place. They organize the party for you and they adapt to your budget so that you don´t get any nasty surprises after.


The Big Apple has these things: it has everything, from street demonstrations of joy, all sorts of exclusive places, amazing museums and a long and endless night for having fun non-stop. Because you have to rest at some point, at the same time that you leave your party organized in Copacabana, also book apartments in New York for you and your friends. There are plenty of them for all tastes and needs.