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Scores New York

Scores New York is an adult club which is very famous in the city of New York. Thousands of men from all over the world go there to have a good time, but women don´t have a forbidden entry and they also go there to enjoy a night in true American style.


The club has plenty of variety that adapt to the tastes of each client. That´s why one can start the night calmly, eating something in the five-star restaurant and that offers the clients the best attention and quality of the food.


As the night goes on, one can go to the different lounges and enjoy the different live shows like, for example, some with tap dancing and the sensual girls dancing on stage. There´s also a striptease and another series of events that the public will love.


There are also VIP lounges, private ones, where one can have his own party and request the entertainment that he likes the most.


The adult club is open every day until 4am.


But afterwards,  make sure you have a place to go and sleep. For that, rent apartments in New york and go out and enjoy its nightlife.