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Curious places on the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands have a very special charm. They’re full of colors, walls, gardens, lighthouses, harbors and bays … there time goes at a different pace and the activities to do are infinite. Let´s go on a tour through some of the most curious places on Mallorca and Menorca: we will visit caves and beaches.


Photo: Alejandro Sánchez Marcos

Cueva Sa Nacra, Ciutadella (Menorca)

After a dip, what most folks on Menorca want to do is going for a drink. Well, what about doing both at once? At Cueva Sa Nacra, a curious pub-restaurant in Ciutadella, you have the chance to have this experience. The restaurant is built on the water with a kind of terrace overlooking the sea and its facilities are carved in the rock. The cave was excavated by a local entrepreneur, who decided to open his own business right there. The walls are decorated with fan mussel shells and a springboard to jump into the water and, for the less adventurous, a staircase leading down to the sea.

The best of Cueva Sa Nacra are its views, because you will have the feeling of being part of the Mediterranean Sea, while enjoying delicious dishes that include paellas, grilled meats, fishes of all kinds, red prawns from Menorca, salads and yummy desserts. At night, you can have a drink in a magical environment full of candles and chill out music. It´s very nice.

Es Barcarés Beach, Alcudia (Mallorca)

This coved area contains several small beaches that are the ideal place to relax, to spend a nice time with family or just a few hours alone with a book. Until now, its existence was almost a secret and normally only locals go. Away from the hustle and tourists, this is a very discreet place where nudism is customary. Few people visit this place, so it’s easy to feel at home. Es Barcarés Beach is located opposite an island where locals often go snorkeling because the waters are crystal clear and visibility is good.

Excursion to the Caves del Drach in Manacor (Mallorca)

Caves del Drach belong to the same family that discovered them. Nowadays it is possible to get a guided tour in them for 11.50 Euros per person that lasts an hour. Once in, you’ll see that the stalagmites almost meet the stalactites, while making you feel unique sensations. Its ceiling is very high and its length is also very ample reaching 2.4 km, plus 25 meters depth. The tour ends at the Grand Lake Martel, one of the largest underground lakes in the world. There, in an underground auditorium you also can attend a unique event: a 20-minutes classical concert. The acoustics there are just spectacular. And to end the tour, you’ll get a boat ride at the sound of violins.

Sunset at Favaritx Lighthouse (Menorca)

Completely surrounded by cliffs, at Favaritx lighthouse you’ll reach a state of peace with each sunset. The area is isolated from civilization, in the middle of Cape Albufera des Grau (where the north wind often blows). The lighthouse seems to be taken out of a film and its shadows change with the sunlight.