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Arte Oriental Barcelona

Decoration is something that many people from around the world enjoy, and try and find different objects and pieces from every corner of the planet to make their home shine just like they have it in their mind. Arte Oriental is a shop in Barcelona that has over a decade´s experience in this field.


It´s managed by Naresh Kumar Sharma who, together with the staff who work there, will manage to give you all the attention possible so that you find what you´re looking for or, if you wish, order it. The products that you can find at Arte Oriental come from India, Pakistan, Thailand and Indonesia and, many of them, are 100% handmade.


You can find from crafts, to clothes or even furniture. It´s also an ideal place to find beautiful gifts because, for example, you´ll come across stone necklaces, hand cut wooden figures, quilts, tapestries, cushions, incense, columns, curtains, bronze figures and much more.


If you want to get to know Arte Oriental and see what you can buy in this shop where you´ll find hundreds of things to choose from, you just have to rent apartments in Barcelona