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Discover your Ideal Destination Based on your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered what city or country is best suited to your star sign? Discover your destination based on your zodiac sign. Do you agree or do you wish you’d gotten a different one?

Destination based on your zodiac sign

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Those born under the sign of Aries are true, sincere and very brave, although somewhat impulsive at times. They’re always looking for new ways to prove themselves and they never lose heart when faced with obstacles. A boring holiday is not what they’re after: they’d rather have an adventure-filled trip because they need to keep constantly on the move, both physically and mentally. Their ideal destination is Brazil where they can explore the Amazon Rainforest.

Destination Based on your Zodiac Sign - Brazil


Taurus is reliable, realistic and well-grounded. They always carry out all their duties reliably and they never get discouraged. But after duty comes pleasure, and this sign knows how to make the most of life’s treats.  Their ideal holiday would be any that helps them disconnect from their thousands of commitments. The perfect destination for Taurus is Amsterdam, a city that appreciates all aspects of life, which would be brilliant for recharging their batteries before they get back in their rut.

Destination Based on your Zodiac Sign - Amsterdam


Gemini are very intelligent and smart people, though sometimes a bit restless and very curious about everything around them. They never stop for a single minute; they need to always keep moving in order to feed their minds. More often than not so much activity stresses them out and they have nervous breakdowns: and that is why their ideal destination is Thailand, a country where they can relax on paradisiacal beaches for hours but also discover tons of history.

Destination Based on your Zodiac Sign - Thailand


Those born under Cancer are highly sentimental and emotional people. They love their family more than anything. Their imagination sometimes leads them away from real life and they live in their own fantasy world.  Their perfect trip would be to Ireland with their loved ones, spending some days in touch with nature, or strolling through charming little towns making lots of lovely new memories.



Leo is, without a doubt, one of the strongest sun signs. They possess great determination and an iron will, while at the same time they are true leaders that are also kind and generous. Their ideal trip? A luxury break on the Côte d’Azur, staying at a designer house with a pool.



Being the intelligent people they are, Virgos are very analytical and have good taste in art. They do need a certain degree of order in their lives: disorganization and improvisation are not their forte. Their ideal destination would be a city that offers plenty of tourist and cultural attractions but that is also clean, boasting impeccable infrastructure. If you are a Virgo, Stockholm is the city for you.



The most social sign? Libra, no doubt. If this is your zodiac sign, your friends and your partner are your top priority. You love being surrounded by people and those around you love being in your company.  Your ideal destination is somewhere with plenty of fun for you and your travel companions. And what better than the Greek Islands for a good time? How about Mykonos?



Scorpio experiences all its emotions intensely. They are serious people, and it is for that same reason that they place great importance on all relationships in their life, without taking anything for granted.  They are also very passionate, and their partner comes first for them. In trips, they look for unforgettable places to share some love and passion-filled moments with their better half. Their ideal destination is Paris, no doubt.

Destination Based on your Zodiac Sign - Paris


Sagittarius is the happiest sun sign, although they sometimes get easily distracted.  Their enthusiasm makes them lead carefree lives. They love genuine and lively places, as they always try to immerse themselves fully in the local culture, and they feel comfortable around social and open-minded people. They want to feel like they belong wherever they are. Their ideal destination? Colorful Mexico!

Destination Based on your Zodiac Sign - Mexico


Those born under Capricorn are untiring people that are never afraid of working hard and waiting to achieve their goals. Challenges never faze them because they know it’ll all be worthwhile in the end. Their ideal destination is Iceland because they know how to overcome any adverse conditions and can appreciate the stunning spectacle of the Icelandic glaciers.



Generous and supportive; those born under the sign of Aquarius love exploring realities other than their own and working to build a better world.  In all truth any destination is perfect for this sign that strives to discover and get to know the most authentic side of each culture. But the ideal trip for any Aquarius is a volunteering trip to India.



Pisces have a sweet and sensitive disposition. They look for places that give them a sense of protection and it is also the zodiac sign that most needs to be in contact with water to feel right at home. Besides water, they also like being in unpolluted nature, away from any stress, and far from mass tourism. Their ideal destination is Cuba, where crystalline waters meet lush vegetation.

destination based on your zodiac sign - Cuba


And so, what do you think about your destination based on your star sign? Leave us a comment below!