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Are you sedentary or an adventurer?

“Travel” is one of the most searched words on Google. And no wonder, because, who does not like travelling? Now you imagine you are in a paradisiacal place, with an idyllic climate, other people and a different culture… Whether in 80 days like Jules Verne, on an Erasmus student exchange, on holidays, in exile or as an immigrant, travel always means the same: discover, share, learn, observe, adapt, imagine…and maybe come back. Travelling inspires everyone, so there are thousands of novels, songs and movies about it: it is often compared to life itself. Surely you must have been attracted by a strange land which you want to explore more than anything…do not forget your dreams!


First, the idea arises because you see someone that has travelled solo to India. You would also like to live a similar experience! Suddenly, one day you think it is the right time because you feel ready and you are hungry for new adventures. There are many motives to encourage a person to go on an adventure: you may need to change your ideas, find yourself, learn a new language or even help your family.

There are people who plan a cultural trip, or maybe an ecological, a religious or a luxurious trip to a warm or a cold country or to Disneyland with the kids, etc. The United States, Canada, UK, France and in the fifth place, Spain are the favourite countries to emigrate to. If you are going to Asia, be careful with the seasons and the climate.

Whether by plane, boat, car, train, motorcycle or bicycle, you must organize your trip well. You start to save money, collect information, look for a travel partner, choose the dates, and then at last you are ready to buy your tickets!

There are thousands of websites out there to help you in organize your trip, to share experiences, to ask questions, and to look at pictures: all to feed your imagination and to encourage your legs to keep on walking.

Maybe you love the place where you were born or where you live now because you think it is the nicest place on the planet and you enjoy a good quality of life but, how do you know if this is the best place if you have not visited other lands? One of the most popular destinations is the German capital thanks to its hot summer and its festivals. From there you can cross many borders…

So to start, why not rent comfortable apartments in Berlin, the fourth destination of the 44 recommended by the New York Times this year? Good luck and have fun!