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Easter Holidays with the Family: Three Destinations with Three Traditions

When traveling as a family, it’s always necessary to ask whether a city is suitable to the needs of children. We don’t want them to have any reasons to cry, because that way we can all be happy and have a relaxing time.

Traveling for the Easter holidays with children is a great idea. The cities are filled with colors, traditions and, most importantly, delicious desserts that bring a smile to the faces of our children (and us!). Follow us into a world of cakes, chocolate eggs and rabbits. Here are three towns with interesting traditions, where you’re guaranteed family fun for the Easter holidays.


Florence, Italy

In Italy, Easter is a very important holiday and the traditions vary between different regions and cities. Florence is always wonderful, with its characteristic streets and Italian charm, but during these holidays even more so.

Your typical tradition to celebrate Easter is lo scoppio del carro(the explosion of the cart) and il volo della colomba(the flight of the dove). On Sunday morning, a cart (“Brindellone”) is pulled to the Cathedral by four oxen; the animals are released and the carriage is attached to the center of the choir of the cathedral by an iron cable. A metal dove is installed on this wire. During the Mass, the dove’s wick is lit and then it sets off the fireworks in the cart. It’s a really fun event that is sure to cheer up the children.

After the fireworks, why not enjoy something sweet? Let your children choose some chocolate Easter eggs: a common tradition throughout Italy. Inside, you will find a surprise: a small toy. Parents can enjoy Easter doves, a cake in the shape of a dove, (or pick out your own chocolate eggs!).

scoppio del carro-florencia

Barcelona, ​​Spain

A very famous tradition in Spain is the Easter cakes.

The Easter cake symbolizes the end of Lent and the egg inside symbolizes the beginning of a new life. In Catalonia, this tradition has varied greatly over time. Today, godparents give their godchildren very imaginative chocolate houses. In Barcelona, ​​shops and bakeries are filled with these little houses, which now also carry miniature versions of their favorite cartoon characters, something that really excites the children. They say the Can Massana bakery was the first to put a little chocolate figure inside of the Easter cake.

Your kids will be astonished to see these pastry artworks. But please note that according to the tradition, one must wait until Easter Monday. But if the children’s godparents aren’t with you, maybe it’s not a problem.

Barcelona is famous for its many festivals and of course, the same applies to the Easter season. The Gothic Quarter is even more beautiful and seductive during this time. On Friday, make sure to catch the Procession of the Virgen de la Macarena: an experience that neither you nor the children will forget.


Berlin, Germany

In Germany, the most famous tradition is the Easter egg hunt. On Easter Sunday, the gardens of the city of Berlin are transformed into playgrounds: let your children join the Germans by running around the parks searching for the decorated eggs that the Easter bunny has hidden.

The city is dressed up in colors: wherever you look, you will always see bunnies and eggs. In the center, there are lovely markets where you can buy your souvenirs.

Inside the walls of the Düppel Museum, you’ll find an Easter market where you can admire the local crafts while your children paint Easter eggs.

For an unforgettable experience, go back to medieval times with a visit to the Citadel Spandau. Their annual Medieval Festival includes acrobatic shows, games and music.