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Venice for Children

There are many destinations to visit this summer. The beach, the countryside, historic cities etc. Many opportunities await you during the holiday season to be discovered, while exploring a new world of experiences; ranging from food, rides, romances and drinks. Traveling is to recognize yourself as a different person in a whole new place.

Alexa Ray Only-apartments Author


When you reach the age to start a family, surely you’ll realize that in addition to live with our family, we also have to travel with them. What a surprise! The truth is that as with many other changes in life, exploring the world with children can be a wonderful and enriching experience for both parents and children. When it comes to a city like Venice, you can find many options that will make your children and yourself to spend a fantastic time!

Among the most famous “family friendly” restaurants in Venice, there is “Al Vaporetto”, which is located on the way to Campo Manin. Their dessert menu is very delicious to please your children, especially their cakes, and pies of different flavors. In this restaurant, apart of the several vegetarian options you’ll also find Pizza and spaghetti. Another very good option if you want to have a fun family time is “Pizza con Gusto”, which serves delicious pizzas in the Lido area. In Lido, you can also rent bikes with your children, you’ll be at the fingertips of the sea, so, don’t miss the opportunity to go with your kids to the beach and play around in the sand. The sea has always given joy to children and adults.

To arise the curiosity of your children, take them to see the ports and the gondolas manufacturing process near the Church San Trovaso. There, you’ll also find models of gondolas and boats that your children can build by themselves back home. If budget isn’t tight, you can also surprise your children with a helicopter ride around Venice. The company “Heliair” offers these services for more than a hundred dollars. However, it is worth the experience to discover Venice from above and take a helicopter ride to the little ones.

Of course, it is needless to say that while being in Venice during the summer, you should delight your children with the most delicious Italian ice cream. We recommend to go for flavors like chocolate, vanilla and pistachio; look for “Alaska”, an ice cream shop that serves homemade completely natural ice cream.

There are no “family friendly” cities in the world. With a little imagination and curiosity, a family trip can become an unforgettable adventure.