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Eating in Bologna, a whirl of sensations

Have you ever been to Italy? It´s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world. Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice or Pisa are unique monumental cities, witnesses of the Roman Empire´s legacy and the greatest universal artists. However, there are other great attractions that you can find in Italy, such as its wonderful cuisine.


You are entering the historical city of Bologna to show everything it has to offer when it comes to food. Bologna is located in northern Italy, flanked by the rivers Reno and Savena, close to the Apennines. It´s a medium-sized city with 400,000 inhabitants, and its historical legacy is one of the best preserved ones in the world, despite having an Old Town that is only overcome in terms of size by the one in Venice.

The cradle of pasta

Bologna is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna and it´s precisely this region that has been labelled the ´cradle of pasta´, for many the best Italian cuisine that you can eat in the country. The tortellini, cappelletti or tortelloni are especially popular in this part of Italy.

In Italy they have breakfast continental style: a coffee and some chocolate or cream pastries. In the many cafes that you can find in Bologna you can enjoy a fantastic Italian coffee and, of course, a nice chat. Le Petit Cafe or Fashion Cafe are good places to start the day in Bologna.

Healthy food in Bologna

However, you can enjoy the food best during lunchtime. Some of the products that Bologna stands out for are its vegetables (golden onion, potato, Altedo asparagus…), its cured meats (mortadella, pork ciccioli, zampone, Parma ham, etc.), its cheese (grana padano and parmigiano reggiano) and, of course, excellent wines, preferably Lambrusco, the most famous wine from Emilia-Romagna. The most famous red wine is Sangiovese di Romagna and, if you´re looking for a nice white, why not try an Albana di Romagna or a Monterosso Val d´Arda. In restaurants such as All´Osteria Bottega you can enjoy elaborated dishes such as zucchini filled with meat or delicious rigatoni with ragù, sausages, rosemary and cannellini beans. Also, don´t miss out on trying the delicious tortellini or tagliatelle from any good restaurant. For dessert, try the chocolate cake with berries. Italians are masters of dessert, so get ready to sample true sweet delights.

In mid-afternoon you can try the authentic Italian gelato at ice cream parlours such as Stefino Bio. Italian ice creams are made with milk and chunks of fresh fruit that hasn´t been processed, true works of art.

For dinner, there are also excellent dishes to try: bread with crust, duck foie, ricotta cheese, baked tomatos with breadcrumbs, celery salad, mortadella, roasted zucchini… The best of the Mediterranean diet is in this city and in the region in general.

Don´t hesitate on going on a gastronomic tour of Bologna; not only is it delicious but also you´ll be trying one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.